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You’re Invited to Our Savior’s 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Five Decades of Dreams

In 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon,

half a million hippies walked to Woodstock,

and Our Savior Lutheran Church walked in Jesus’ footsteps to start a new community of faith.

In 1969, the Concorde flew faster than the sun,
the 747 Jumbo Jet took its maiden voyage,
the Pontiac Firebird flew on four wheels,
and Our Savior Lutheran Church flew from the nest of God’s grace to soar like an eaglet.

In 1969, PBS, Sesame Street, and Monty Python’s Flying Circus were established to change television forever,
the Beatles gave their last public performance to change music forever,
and Our Savior Lutheran Church was founded to change the lives of ordinary people like you and me forever.

In 1969, Indira Gandhi and Golda Meier proved that women could be strong leaders,
Richard Nixon proved that men could abuse leadership,
and Our Savior Lutheran Church was blessed with a leader like Pastor Arthur Malin (Anderson, Jenson, Johnson, and Nelson would follow) to begin this venture of faith that we are now celebrating 50 years later.

That's what we're set to do this September 15, with one service at 10 AM and a celebration banquet to follow. There must be at least 50 reasons to celebrate Our Savior Lutheran Church, but let's start with just a few:

  • Our 10 AM worship will help us remember and reflect on God's Word and work at Our Savior for the last 5 decades.

  • Bishop Eric Gronberg will be our presiding minister  (and it's rumored that his sermons are much shorter and less meandering than Pastor Schelter's!)

  • A Festival Fellowship Feast (Free!) follows worship to set the tone of thanksgiving to God for Our Savior.  (Catered by Babes Chicken)

  • The Ebenezer Thankoffering kicks off with gratitude for every year of God's Baptismal Grace in your life and in the fifty year life of Our Savior.  (Don't forget!  We need your baptismal birth dates... for in the midst of Our Savior's Birthday Celebration, we'll remember our own Baptism birthdays, and offer a dollar a year for benevolent outreach to others.)


  • And the best reason for you to celebrate Our Savior's 50th Birthday Bash is because it wouldn't be the same without you!  September 15, 10 AM!  See you there!

-Pastor Schelter

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50th Anniversary Celebration September 15th
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The invitations are out and all that we need now are RSVP’s from you to finish up our plans.  You may call the church (972-226-0510) or sign up in the centrum.  Let’s celebrate! 

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