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​Seven Decades of Dreams
Seven decades ago, the United States was a land of abundant dreams
We had emerged from a world war with optimism and confidence as a world leader.
The Recession had given way to a bustling economy, bursting with possibility.
A generation (later to be called “Baby Boomers”) was declaring its unbridled exuberance with an unprecedented flurry of activity in labor and delivery.
It was also over seven decades ago that one dashing couple found each other quite attractive and started dating.
And over 70 years later, they haven’t stopped celebrating.  In fact, we’re celebrating with them, this month, over a century of dreaming together.

Over seventy years later, the American dream still stands tall.
Over seventy years later, Bill and Pauline still stand together.

The celebration of Bill and Pauline piqued my curiosity about other Our Savior marriages.  I thought it might be fun to recognize all couples who had been married fifty years or more.  I didn’t think there would be that many—until I started researching.  The results are encouraging … especially since marriages aren’t supposed to last in our modern world.  With all the attention given to high divorce rates and prophets forecasting doom to the institution of marriage, these couples might provide encouragement for all you newlyweds who haven’t yet made 50 years!

Dennis & Bobbie Chubbs—50 years

Jerry & Kaethe Combs—59 years

Gerald & Frances Hare—52 years

Marshall & Judy Hocker—57 years

Victor & Barbara Hunter—52 years

Bill & Pauline Hutchinson—70 years

Gordon & Bonnie Johnston—57 years

Richard & Betty Mastin—51 years

George & Bobbye Nolan—54 years

Henry & Baerbel Williams—60 years

So thanks, Bill and Pauline, and all of you on the above list.  You are an inspiration to all the family of God’s people at Our Savior—single or married—as we support each other in relationships that mirror God’s faithfulness and love.​