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Our Savior Lutheran Church

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?

We hope to be there in-person for Holy Week starting March 28.  Our Savior Lutheran Church will have Facebook Live worship only until then. These are difficult decisions for difficult days, but we pray that our worship will gain momentum as we draw closer to Palm Sunday. In the meantime, join us for Sunday online-worship at 11:00am, and Wednesday Lenten worship at 7:00pm. The Facebook link is provided above. 

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“We’re Ba-A-a-ack”

Palm/Passion Sunday—March 28 
Our first in-person worship since November welcomes Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We’ll shout “Hosannas!” to the King whose throne is a cross as we process with palms into the Great and Holy Week.  From this triumphant entry, however, our service will turn to the dramatic enactment of our Lord’s Passion as we journey with Christ Jesus to a cross on Golgotha. At this point, we’re planning on socially distanced services at 8:30 & 11am and 5:30pm; but, until further notice, please call to register for which service you wish to attend.

Maundy Thursday—April 1, 7:00pm
Our Maundy Thursday worship will remember the night our Lord was betrayed and turned over to Roman soldiers.  But it will also remember the night He took Bread and Wine and gave us the gift of everlasting life.  Once again, we will ask that you register to attend this service. Perhaps we will have COVID under control by then and a registration will not be necessary but we will let you know if that changes.

Good Friday—April 2, 10:00am

Very tentative  Stations of the Cross
If enough sign up, we will walk the Via de la Rosa with our Lord as he carries his Cross to Golgotha.  We will follow the Stations of the Cross in an outdoor worship through the byways of our city as we share in Jesus’ passion and death.  Wear walking shoes.  You must call if you want to participate

Good Friday—April 2, 7:00pm
Tenebrae Service

In a service of darkness and mediation, we will remember and share our Lord’s suffering and death in Good Friday worship.  The nails that spelled Christ’s agonizing death, spell our salvation as we nail our sins to that same cross to live his new life.  Observing the ancient order of Tenebrae, we will stand with the centurion at the foot of the cross and declare, “Truly, this was the Son of God.” Please register if you wish to attend Good Friday Tenebrae. ​

Four Spaced and Socially-Distanced Services to Celebrate Easter

Easter Sunrise—April 4, 7:00am
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Like surprised women carrying embalming spices, we will gather together ‘at early dawn’ for our Easter Sunrise at a cemetery.  In a place of death, they found life!  Imagine their surprise! Imagine our surprise, as well, for we will celebrate Christ’s triumph among tombstones, and find joy in the place of mourning. 

Easter Worship—April 4
 8:30 & 11am, 5:30pm

What a joy to celebrate Easter in-person after last years drive-thru and Facebook Live.  So, with excitement in the air and Easter on the ground, there are some things that are still up in the air.  The Easter Breakfast is out for now.  So is singing.  The Easter Egg Hunt remains tentative but we hope to do it.  In the meantime, stay posted!  For now, we will do socially-distanced, masked Easter and please register your attendance. (Since Sunrise is outdoors, you don’t need to register for that.  Who knows?  If the weather is great, maybe we’ll be outdoors for 8:30 & 11am too!) Whatever shape Easter takes this year, we’re going to celebrate it to the fullest because the resurrected Christ always meets us “in-person.”