On the Road with Martin Luther
The Reformation Journey Begins…
or Why 500 Years Ago Matters Today

Some journeys are geographical.  We get out our maps—err, GPS—and go from place to place. Some journeys are time bound.  We return to the past—for nostalgia, for reflection, for insight. Other journeys take us into the future to plan for tomorrow. 
Other journeys are of the soul.  We journey inward to explore and understand who we are and why we are. 
This October we will take all of those journeys on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  But we will also take a more important journey.  The ancient ones called it a pilgrimage. For us, it is a journey of faith.
It is true that Martin Luther’s journeys were geographical.  He traveled untold miles as a monk, then priest, then condemned heretic, then reformer.  With nothing but horse and cart, he crossed the Alps and visited many corners of what is today’s Germany.
It is also true that Luther’s journey marked time—62 years to be exact. 
His was also a journey of the heart… of deep introspections, soul searching, depression, and revelation. 
But Luther’s journey was primarily one of faith.  That’s why we bother to travel from Eisleben to Eisenach, from Worms to Wittenberg.  That’s why we try to understand Germany in the 16th century.  Not because those places and times are important in themselves, but because God’s Word spoke to those 500-year-olds in the very same way God’s Good News speaks to us and our high tech citizens of the 21st century.  God’s Word echoes its promise to us as surely as Martin Luther heard it 500 years ago.
 “For we hold that a person is justified by grace through faith without the works of the law.”
Faith Alone.  Grace Alone.  God’s Word Alone.
That’s why the 500 year old story and these well-worn Reformation journeys still matter ultimately and essentially today. 
So grab a number and hitch a ride with Martin Luther.  And take up your cross to walk with Jesus, following in the footsteps of faith.  After all, this 2017 Reformation journey only comes along every 500 years or so!  

-Pastor John Schelter

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