“Warm Up” With Lutheran 101

If the winter chill has you singing the blues, come join us for heartwarming fellowship and lively discussion about our faith.  Our first meeting will be some time around mid-February.  We’ll learn about Lutherans, tour the history of the Reformation, and deepen your faith in Christ.  Topics like sin and grace, the liturgy and the Sacraments, prayer and the Holy Spirit, Christian denominations, and any topic you bring to the table are always on the agenda… along with a pot of Lutheran coffee!

If you’re new to the Lutheran Church, this is the perfect group to understand about Lutheran worship and teaching.  If you’d like to join Our Savior, you’ll get the information you need in this setting of Christian friendship and faith.  If you’ve been a Lutheran so long that you no longer remember the Six Chief parts, you need to be a part of this class.  Either way, sign up in the centrum to join us in February.  We’ll set a date once we have enough sign-ups.  (If childcare is needed, just let us know!) 



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